• Deposit Form

Payment Request Form
Use this link to submit an invoice/payment request form (for contractor and vendor payments) or to request a reimbursement.

Guide to filling out the form: step-by-step version | short version


Note: If your payment request is submitted and approved by Monday at noon, the check will be ready after 2 PM that Friday.


 Requisition Form
Use this form to make a credit card purchase.
Need help? Here’s a guide to filling out the form.
There are special instructions for purchasing through Amazon. Click here for a quick rundown.


Note: While the Ed Fund will submit the order within 72 hours of your form being approved, actual delivery dates will vary depending on vendor shipping schedules.


 Re-Grant Form
Use this form to start the process by which the Ed Fund issues a grant to a public agency or non-profit organization.

Reclassification Request Form
Use this form to reclassify transactions on your financial reports, or notify us about an unrecognized/incorrect transaction.


• Donation Instructions
Follow these instructions to ensure that contributions to your organization or project are received and acknowledged in a timely and accurate manner, and are fully tax-deductible through the Oakland Public Education Fund. This guide has information on how to handle donations that come in through check, credit card, cash, matching gift, and stock transfer.


If you are accepting an in-kind donation, please fill out this form.
Looking for timesheets and other HR forms? We’ve moved those to their own page here.