We are honored to partner with this diverse team of professionals whose expertise and energy help us bring innovation and creativity to our work on behalf of Oakland public schools. Whether helping us build community engagement campaigns, improve our use of technology, or sharpen our strategic savvy, their skills and advice help us do even more to give Oakland kids the tools they need to succeed. Thank you for your commitment to our schools! (If you’re interested in joining the Advisory Board, learn more here.)

Ahmed Ali Bob,  Square

Ali Metzler,  OUSD Community Schools

Alyssa Del Vigna,  Pixar

Brenda Martinez,  Salesforce

Evan Schwartz,  Golden State Warriors

Jodie Ha,  Kaiser Permanente Ventures

Megan Bacigalupi, C100

Molly Lorenz, Salesforce

Nitya Venkateswaran, RTI

Oshan Weerasinghe, Google

Riza Hernandez, EntreFolio

Ryan Dawkins, Oakland Turkey Trot

Sele Nadel-Hayes, Envision Academy

Shawntee Reed, Square

Taylor Craft, San Francisco Foundation

Tiffany Price, Kapor Center

Travis Kauzer, Fort Point Capital Partners

Zach Cohen, Oakland Roots Soccer Club

Zach Hill, Golden State Warriors