McClymonds and Oakland Tech students spent three weeks at the Summer Engineering Institute at Georgia Tech

“If you are really passionate about engineering and want to gain college experience, this is the program for you,” said Oakland Tech’s Iman Ali (pictured at right) about her time at the Summer Engineering Institute at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.


Along with five other students from Tech and McClymonds, Iman spent the three weeks completing engineering projects to solve real-world engineering problems using Arduino, MATLAB, and Google Sketch-up. The kids also got a crash course in the college lifestyle, living in the dorms and attending daily engineering sessions that simulated the rigor of college courses.


“It was great going to Georgia Tech,” reflects McClymonds’ Albert Mitchell. “I was able to learn from different people from across the world and interact with college students and see the life a college student, how they live. I also learned a lot of new things  related to engineering. I took a college-level chemistry course that was difficult but I did it. I worked with peers to design a company as our project and it helped us build a bond that we will all remember.”


Back home in the Bay Area, students celebrated their return from Atlanta at a dinner with Richard Taylor, Intel’s Vice President of Human Resources, while Angelo and Albert (pictured together at right) attended the Ed Fund’s gala to share their experience at the Summer Institute.

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