More than 100 Oakland juniors and seniors have Intel mentors this year!

Now in its second year, the Intel Mentorship Program has expanded to connect 76 Oakland Tech students and 27 McClymonds students with Intel mentors. Mentors and mentees communicate weekly by email and come together for quarterly events, including a trip to Intel, a bowling night, and a visit to the California Academy of Sciences. Mentors offer advice and perspective on college applications, choosing a major, financial aid, career pathways, and more.


“The best part of the mentor program is having a mentor who went to college and is now working at Intel to help me think about future college decisions, majors, and how important it is to pick the best college for me,” reflects McClymonds Senior J’Mya Gray-Martinez.


Intel’s mentorship program is also going a long way toward closing the equity gap in technology fields. Seeing themselves in their mentors’ shoes has been a powerful motivator for kids at both schools.


“The most valuable part of my Intel mentorship has been getting advice from a woman who has been successful in the technology industry,” reflects Oakland Tech Junior Claire Daly. “It’s exciting to connect with someone who has achieved her goals in such a male-dominated industry as a woman, because I get to witness a real-life example rather than just hearing about the possibility for women to succeed in tech.”


Finally, the students’ experiences have inspired a desire to give back and be leaders for the next generation—to be mentors themselves. As McClymonds Junior Angelo Edgerly says, “I want to set the example for my younger classmates by going to college, getting my degree, and coming back to help like our mentors have helped us.”

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