About Peter

Peter joined the Ed Fund team in September 2018 as the Client Services Manager. He is from Oakland and has been serving children and families across the Bay Area and beyond for the last 17 years.


Peter is a passionate advocate for children having equal access to a quality education, quality food, and a safe place to live. He is a skilled facilitator of youth and adult groups in both youth and adult engagement settings. Prior to joining the Ed Fund, Peter worked as a Program Manager at Playworks, where he served for eight years. He was also an independent contractor providing strategic planning, training and community programing for school districts and non profit organizations.


In his free time, Peter loves to spend time with his partner and four children. He also helps run The Best Foundation, a non profit started by his family. Peter hopes that one day, a movie producer will see how impactful and essential our field is and make a movie about non profit work called, “So.. Can We Get That Grant Money….Now?…..Please?”