Robert Spencer

An urban economist with 25 years of experience, Mr. Spencer is a financial consultant assisting local communities to fund public infrastructure for growth and revitalization. His interest in education reform began as an elected member of the Oakland Unified School District Board of Education from 1995 to 1999. Since leaving the school board he has chaired the boards of several local and national nonprofits dedicated to making systemic changes in public education, including the Oakland Education Cabinet, the National Equity Project, and the Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform. Mr. Spencer is a trustee of the William H. Donner Foundation. He is pictured in the middle of the top photo on the right, at our 2015 Gala.


Rhonnel Sotelo

Rhonnel joined the Rogers Family Foundation in April 2013 as its Chief Strategy Officer. In June 2014, he became the Foundation’s Executive Director, taking on responsibility for the executive management of the Foundation’s operations and grantmaking. Rhonnel also holds principal accountability for the Foundation’s strategy and initiative implementation, maintains key community relationships, and collaborates closely with the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer.


Previously, Rhonnel served as the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Program & Operations for the Stuart Foundation where he oversaw program strategy, grants management, and operations. His 20 years of experience also includes coordinating and managing The San Francisco Foundation’s West Oakland Initiative, and owning and operating Urban Works, an urban planning and design firm focused on neighborhood planning and livable communities in California and the Pacific Northwest. Rhonnel holds a Master of Arts in Urban Planning and a Bachelor of Arts in English, both from the University of California, Los Angeles. He is a member of The San Francisco Foundation’s Koshland Committee for Civic Unity and serves on the Board of Directors for the Oakland Public Education Fund. He lives in Oakland with his wife Chris and their two daughters, Quin and Kate.


Lillian Cordova-Lopez

Ms. Cordova-Lopez is Assistant Vice President and Community Affairs Representative for Wells Fargo Bank. A founding parent of MetWest High School, she has been an Oakland Community Organizations (OCO) leader for over 16 years. She has three grown sons who graduated from OUSD schools. She is pictured in the second photo on this page, at our 2015 Gala.


Sedrick Tydus

Mr. Tydus is the owner of the Minuteman Press Franchise in Oakland. He has had a long and successful career in banking and business development and brings a wealth of financial and business knowledge to the Ed Fund. He earned a Masters of Business Administration from Stanford University and has been an Oakland resident since 1979. Mr. Tydus has made a personal commitment to volunteer service in which he can use his skill set in business and finance in the interest of youth and education.


Samir Bolar

Samir has been an Ed Fund Board member since 2009, bringing an expertise in strategic planning, program design, and instructional innovation to the organization. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of the Mastery Design Collaborative, a nonprofit that supports schools in adopting personalized, blended learning practices at scale. Samir leads MDC’s strategy for delivering program services and partnering with educators, philanthropists, and technology companies to reimagine the school experience. To date, Samir has advised the implementation of personalized learning with over 50 school teams and 15 school system leaders. This work includes designing new school models, delivering personalized professional development, and devising strategies for system-wide school transformation.


Dan Cohen
Dan is a veteran public relations, political communications, and media strategist. He applied his belief in brand-building public relations to all of the General Mills Brands including Wheaties, Cheerios, Box Tops for Education & Betty Crocker. His work at General Mills in the mid-1990’s was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as being on the forefront of leveraging brands to greater PR success.


Dan currently guides FCP’s efforts to assist its clients as they seek solutions as diverse as universal children’s health insurance coverage to finding new ways to discuss and engage communities on difficult issues such as immigration and environmental reform.


Dan has also led FCP’s efforts to develop curricula that empowers individuals and organizations to maximize their use of social media as a do-it-yourself platform for echoing key messaging and creating new connections to target audiences. He has trained executive leaders and grassroots activists across the West.


Dan has been a political consultant for initiatives and Democratic candidates for offices from mayor to Congress. He was recently named by the East Bay Business Journal as one of its “40 under 40.” Dan is a licensed attorney but chooses to practice strategic communications … his passion.


Elñora Tena Webb

Elñora Tena Webb is the Executive Vice Chancellor of Strategic Planning and Advancement President at Laney College, located in downtown Oakland, California. Laney is the flagship of the Peralta Community College District, which serves up to 30,000 students. Prior to her appointment as Executive Vice Chancellor, Dr. Webb served as Laney College President, and before that as Vice President of Instruction, ensuring the development of the College’s first comprehensive, regionally-and workforce development-centered Educational Master Plan while significantly enhancing partnerships with businesses and industries.


Photo at right: Ed Fund Board President Bob Spencer (middle) at our 2015 Gala
Photo below: Ed Fund Board Secretary Lillian Cordova-Lopez at the Gala
Both photos Copyright Hasain Rasheed