“I want to learn. The rain can’t stop me.”

One day last November, Henry, a seven-year-old Bridges Academy student walked to school, without a jacket, through the fall’s first morning of heavy rain. Arriving soaked and cold, he shared these words above with his teacher.


Since the first day of school we’ve welcomed more than 250 newcomer students like Henry from Central America, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, and more. Most traveled to the U.S. without an adult, fleeing persecution and violence in their home countries, and reaching Oakland with very few belongings. To help them come to school ready to learn, we are fundraising for coats, Spanish-English dictionaries, and supply-filled backpacks.


Last fall and winter, our 1st Annual Newcomer Supply Drive rallied 200 donors to give more than $20,000 toward coats and other much-needed supplies. We’re looking to top that this year. Watch ABC7’s piece on the Drive above.

Thanks to Roonga, our longtime Supply Drive partner!