A to Z Fund in Action: The Artist in All of Us at Lincoln Elementary
A to Z Fund in Action: The Artist in All of Us at Lincoln Elementary

A to Z Fund in Action: The Artist in All of Us at Lincoln Elementary

Art is a life source for creativity, especially in young children. In many schools, teachers do not always have the resources to allow children to express themselves through art. Numerous studies have revealed that schoolchildren exposed to drama, music, and dance are often more proficient at reading, writing, and math, and have suggested an arts education can also improve graduation rates. Art is essential for the advancement for children’s success throughout their school career.
Betty Yee, a transitional kindergarten teacher at Lincoln Elementary School, was able to access the resources to effectively teach her students about art thanks to a Fall 2017 A to Z Fund mini-grant from the Oakland Public Education Fund. Through the A to Z Fund, the Oakland Ed Fund invites educators to apply for grants to purchase anything that they feel is needed for their students to learn and thrive within the classroom.
Ms.Yee applied for this grant so that she would be able to purchase six art lessons from a visiting artist through The Art Project. Students learned about various artists including Manet, Picasso, Monet, and O’Keeffe. Ms. Yee also wanted to purchase art supplies for her students so they would be able to participate in creating art like the kinds they were learning about. She said,  “The students were inspired from the various artists we studied and the art they created.”
Through the six lessons, students built a variety of skills by learning techniques ranging from drawing, painting, and sculpting to color mixing, paper tearing, and watercolor.
A grant of just $1,000 covered all six art classes (which took place once a month from December 2017 to May 2018) and art supplies, and enabled 25 kindergarten students to explore art and be more excited about and engaged at school.
Through the A to Z Fund, Oakland educators are given the opportunity to broaden the horizons of their students. With the help of people like yourselves, children’s lives are being impacted every day. To help support Oakland teachers and students, please click here to donate to the A to Z Fund.

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